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Press, articles, pr and buzz about Boston Legal

[ the actors ]

Press about James Spader
James Spader

The Playboy Interview with James Spader
May 2005 issue

A candid conversation with Boston Legal's press-shy star about pushing sexual boundaries, his bizarre characters and why journalists annoy him. By Lawrence Grobel
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Attorney equally crazy in private, to say the least

[excerpt] You have said that there is only one reason to work. Do you still have that attitude?
Spader’s gaze is as the one Alan Shore uses when he is forced to express thoughts that he thinks are well beneath his dignity.
Lives well.
“No… Well… Yes… I mean… “  (Deep sigh)
“I get sucked into my own life so easily.”
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"The Defense Rests" | InStyle May 2005
Rhona Mitra

"The Defense Rests" | InStyle May 2005
Rhona Mitra gives a tour of her Venice, CA beach house - along with Oscar, her French bulldog.
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[ the show ]

The Kelley Curse: Will Boston Legal fail the way David E. Kelley's other shows have?
By Dana Stevens / Slate
[Oct. 1, 2004]
[excerpt] Boston Legal splits the difference between Ally McBeal and The Practice. It's lighthearted and deliberately over-the-top like the former, yet also concerned with legitimate social questions like the latter. Kelley has always had a knack for casting, and James Spader is perhaps the quintessential Kelley actor. Like Tom Skerritt on Picket Fences or Peter MacNicol on Ally McBeal, he has a wholesome, boyish face that at the same time hints at secret perversities and unknown depths.   >> read more [pdf]


[ the actors ]

TV Guide article
Julie Bowen

Q&A: Julie Bowen
TV Guide by David Keeps | January 9, 2006
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Mark Valley
Mark Valley

A few minutes with Mark Valley
by Dana Greenlee

Mark shares his thoughts on where Brad Chase has been when not in storylines and whether Shatner cheated at push-ups.  [Interview from March 2005 at the Boston Legal panel at the DGA]

Rene Auberjonois
Rene Auberjonois

Paul Lewiston Speaks: Some Boston Legal Tidbits from Actor Rene Auberjonois
by Chris Bichler

I had a chance to see and chat with Rene Auberjonois over the July 15-17 weekend at the Toronto Trek science fiction convention.
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[ the creatives ]

Phil Neel, A.C.E.
Phil Neel, A.C.E.

A special interview with Boston Legal editor Phil Neel
by Diana Maiocco
Phil, an ACE Eddie Award winner for his work on Hired Guns [1x10], discusses editing for Boston Legal and Moonlighting.
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Fleet Street Blues: A license to have unusual, unique behavior in a realistic setting
Writers Guild of America by Denis Faye
[Ed. note: This interview with both Exec. Producers Scott Kaufer and Jeff Rake was published Oct. 1, 2004. Rake left BL Nov. 16 and Kaufer left August, 2005 to produce series for Paramount]

[excerpt] Scott Kaufer: Often, when a writer's working on a show and gets a call from an actor in his dressing room learning his lines, it's a dreaded phone call because the actor's coming from a place that isn't helpful to the material. He wants his character written in a selfish way or he wants something that has nothing to do with the work. We're very fortunate. I know this sounds Pollyanna-ish, but it happens to be the case that all the actors on this show, including Shatner and Spader, when they call us up, they have invariably been suggesting smart, very helpful things with their characters because these guys have a laser lock on who these guys are.
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