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The Music of Boston Legal

David E. Kelley is a man who loves his music. He's married up his writing with the perfect song in many of his series. He put the concept of having a personal theme song in the pop culture vernacular when Ally McBeal decided "Tell Him" by the Exciters was her personal musical motivator. Boston Legal is scored by Danny Lux with the vocal stylings of Billy Valentine. Beyond their superb contributions, BL has seen lots of Broadway [The Music Man] and alternative [Blink 182]. I've only added a few that stuck in my head. Help us fill in the blanks, please. If you know the song and artist for a particular episode, please leave a comment here and we'll add it. Much of the musical research is flawlessly provided by Sue - thanks - which is also documented in our forum music section.

Boston Legal vocalist Billy Valentine releases new CD
 Visit to hear track samples. You can own Billy's CD of jazzy standards by ordering through

Music Calendar
Billy Valentine performs around LA on a regular basis, many times at Cafe Cordiale, Sherman Oaks.  Keep an eye here for gig dates as they arise.

Billy Valentine is currently recording a new CD. He has graciously given us a track from his sessions to download.  Listen to Billy Valentine singing "I'm Traveling Light" >> mp3
Season Three

3x01: "Can't We All Get A Lung?"
September 19, 2006

3x02: "New Kids on the Block"
September 26, 2006

3x03: "Desperately Seeking Shirley"
October 3, 2006
"My Sweet Song" by Toby Lightman
"...your fantasy, it don't work for me..." Toby's song played during Alan telling Shirley he wanted to be near her, that she was "sublime".
>> lyrics   >> audio sample
"Wonderin' And Worryin'" by Slim Harpo
This bluesy song played during the balcony scene.
>> lyrics   >> audio sample
>> forum music page

3x04: "Fine Young Cannibal"
October 10, 2006

3x05: "Whose God Is It, Anyway?"
October 17, 2006

3x06: "The Verdict"
October 24, 2006

3x07: "Trick or Treat"
October 31, 2006
"Sentimental Journey" by The Lennon Sisters
The serene serenade underscored the balcony scene, with Denny and Alan wearing their Lennon Sisters costumes.
>> lyrics   >> audio sample
"Sing C'est La Vie" by a Mariachi band
Daniel Post arranged for a Mariachi band to deliver the news of his passing in song. While I don't yet know the name of the band used in the episode, here is the actual serenade, including Alan's laugh and the sound of Denise's coffee mug crashing to the ground as she finally interprets the music's intent. The song was written by Sonny Bono and made famous by Sonny and Cher.
>> lyrics   >> listen to song from the ep
"Give It Time" by Eric Lindell
This song played during the firms Halloween Party. It's from the CD 'Change In the Weather'.
>> lyrics   >> audio sample
>> full song download
>> forum music page

3x08: "Lincoln"
November 26, 2006

3x09: "On the Ledge"
November 28, 2006

[Running behind on updating the music page. Please check episode music, lyrics and links at The Music of Boston Legal.]

Season Two

2x01: "The Black Widow"
September 27, 2005
"Jaws" and "The Wicked Witch" - The Mute Cellist
>> episode page     >> transcript     >> review

2x02: "Schadenfreude"
October 4, 2005
>> episode page      >> transcript     >> review

2x03: "Finding Nimmo"
October 11, 2005
"The Canada Song" - Five Iron Frenzy
As Denny and Alan helicopter to Nimmo Bay, a peppy song underscores the enthusiasm Denny seems to have for the trip, Shore being preoccupied by his queasy reaction to not understanding the aerodynamics.
>> episode page     >> transcript     >> review

2x04: "A Whiff and a Prayer"
October 18, 2005
"The Battle Hymn of the Republic"
Denny "Minute Man" Crane marches into his closing with a musket.
"Cell Block Tango" - Chicago: The Musical
The song played during Catherine Pipers arrest and booking sequence.
>> episode page     >> transcript     >> review

2x05: "Men to Boys"
October 25, 2005
"Ya Got Trouble" - The Music Man
Performed by James Spader [Alan]

>> episode page     >> transcript

2x06: "Witches of Mass Destruction"
November 1, 2005
"You and Me" - Lifehouse
The soundtrack to the firm Halloween party serenaded the costumed attendees as well as Denny and Alan on the balcony - in their flamingo costumes.
>> episode page     >> transcript

2x07: "Truly, Madly, Deeply"
November 8, 2005 e
>> episode page     >> transcript

2x08: "Ass Fat Jungle"
November 15, 2005
"Someone To Watch Over Me" - Etta James
Soundtrack under both the scene where Shirley Schmidt reads to her father and the balcony scene while Denny talks about his mad cow and Alan his night terrors.
>> episode page    >> transcript

2x09: "Gone"
December 6, 2005
>> episode page    >> transcript

2x10: "Legal Deficits"
December 13, 2005
>> episode page    >> transcript

2x11: "The Cancer Man Can"
January 10, 2005
"Last to Know" by Neil Finn
During the restaurant scene with Daniel Post (Michael J. Fox) and Denise Bauer, we hear "Last to Know" from his album "One All" [2001]. Neil was in Split Enz and Crowded House, writing "Don't Dream It's Over". Lyrics: ""Feels like an accident waking up / Under a bus with my fingers crossed / Now is the time we could make it up" [Listen to sample]
>> episode page    >> transcript

2x12: "Helping Hands"
January 17, 2006
"(I've Had) The Time of My Life" by Jennifer Warnes from "Dirty Dancing"
In segment 1, Denny and Bev Bridge rehearse their song using a karaoke machine - at the firm.
>> lyrics   >> audio sample
"A Gozar Con Mi Combo" by The Cachao Combo
In segment 4, this song was playing in Denny's office while practicing a dance for his wedding. Alan joins him. Denny instructs Alan: "No, no. No, no. Itís not on the one. It's not a mambo. It's a feeling, like a heartbeat. Kachunk, kachunk, kachunk." Alan Shore: "Shut up and dance, mister." This dialogue is identical to Johnny Castle (Patrick Swayze) as he trained Frances (Jennifer Grey) in "Dirty Dancing". [movie transcript]
The song [translated "To Rejoice With My Combo"] was also used in the movie "Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead" and the video game "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City". This Cuban band is widely credited with inventing the mambo.
Lyric: Vamos a gozar con mi combo, vamos a bailar [Lets have fun with mi combo, let's dance]
[Thanks to Mossaenda and Sue for identifying this song and Loreley and Sue for the Dirty Dancing tie-in]
>> audio sample
"Charioit" by Gavin Degraw
In segment 5, Denise Bauer and Daniel Post celebrate after his successful turn second chairing her case: "I feel like a cross between Clarence Darrow and Al Pacino in that movie where he shouts." Denise: "You are really good at trial law. You really show... " Daniel: "Maybe next life."  Lyric: Oh chariot, I'm singing out loud, To guide me, give me your strength
[Thanks to DRG and Sue]
>> lyrics   >> audio sample
"Keep Me In Your Heart For Awhile" by Warren Zevon
In the sixth segment, Denise Bauer and Daniel Post are in bed, talking. Later, while he sleeps, she researches alternative treatments for his cancer. Zevon wrote this haunting and beautiful song while he was dying of lung cancer. Lyric: If I leave you it doesn't mean I love you any less
Keep me in your heart for awhile.

>> lyrics   >> audio sample
Real Rhapsody video [must have the real player installed]
"Three Little Birds" by Bob Marley
In the final segment - the balcony scene - Bev is puffing on a cigar, becoming acquainted with Alan, Denny joins them. "So. Do you like her yet?" Alan: "I do." Denny: "She has many fine qualities." Alan: "She makes my friend smile. That's the only quality that matters."
Lyric: Donít worry about a thing, ícause every little thing gonna be all right.
>> lyrics   >> audio sample
>> episode page    >> transcript

2x13: "Too Much Information"
January 24, 2006

2x14: "Breast in Show"
February 7, 2006
"For Once In My Life" by Michael Buble
In a musical montage reminiscent of Ally McBeal, this song scored a thoughtful wrap up of storylines: Brad contemplating his D.A. poster and Shirley waiting for the elevator/hotel room containing Irma and Alan. A retro crooner from Vancouver, Canada, Michael Buble signed to Reprise Records, the label started by Sinatra. His website is
>> lyrics   >> audio sample
"Dead Man's Party" by Oingo Boingo
The theme for Daniel Post's festive wake is Bruins hockey - as well as Danny Elfman's Oingo Boingo-created song, most notably heard in 'Weird Science'.
>> lyrics   >> audio sample
>> episode page   >> forum music page   >> transcript

2x15: "Smile"
February 14, 2006

2x16 "Live Big"
February 21, 2006
"Thanks, Again" by Georgia Murray
Shirley and Paul were in a bar listening to this Canadian singer sing the Ricky Skaggs song about fathers and daughters. Georgia was asked to appear on this episode after the BL production team saw her while filming 'Finding Nimmo'. She also sang "City Lights" and "World Goes 'Round".  Georgia recently recorded an acoustic version of "Thanks Again" and is graciously providing a free mp3 download of  this song at her iSounds page.
>> read article   >>
"Life is Wonderful" by Jason Mraz
This song scored the balcony scene
>> lyrics   >> audio sample
"Wise Up" by Aimee Mann
This song from the 1999 soundtrack to "Magnolia" scored the poignant scene where Paul and Shirley both reflect alone on the challenges facing them.
>> lyrics   >> audio sample
"Something Good (Maria And The Captain)" - The Sound Of Music
Performed by Tom Selleck [Ivan] and his bride [Missy]

"For here you are standing there loving me / Whether or not you should / So somewhere in my youth or childhood / I mustíve done something good."
>> episode page   >> forum music page   >> transcript

2x17 "There's Fire"
February 28, 2006
"The Time of My Life" - Duet: Billy Valentine, band leader and Alfie Silas Durio, vocalist
Denny and Bev dirty dancing at their reception
"At Last" - Billy Valentine's band
Server at the reception: "Nice night." Denny: "Suddenly it is."
"Lawyers, Guns And Money" by Warren Zevon
Cue Brad: "Last time I saw him was over near the coat check room."
Boom. The opening strains of Warren Zevon's "Lawyers, Guns And Money" - with the unfortunate grunt, as we see thrusting from beneath burberry. "Well, I went home with the waitress the way I always do... "
>> lyrics   >> audio sample
"Days Like This" by Van Morrison
"Oh my mama told me there'll be days like this" underscored the balcony scene. It seems a general consensus from Morrison fans that the recorded studio version was not used in the ep.
>> lyrics   >> audio sample
>> forum music page [Thank you to everyone who contributed this info in the forum!]

2x18 "Shock and Oww!"
March 7, 2006

2x19 "Stick It"
March 14, 2006

2x20 "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang"
March 21, 2006

2x21 "Word Salad Day"
March 28, 2006
"Stand By Your Man" by Tammy Wynette
This ironic song scored the balcony scene, giving voice to a giant step in the Alan/Denny friendship-cum-romance-cum-tiff. "Even though he's hard to understand... Give him ... something warm to come to when nights are cold and lonely."
>> lyrics    >> audio sample
"Come Away To Belize With Me"
Denny and Alan at the spa.
>> forum music page

2x22 "Ivan the Incorrigible"
April 18, 2006
"Foxy Lady" by Jimi Hendrix
The sexual beat of this Hendrix classic sets the tone as Brad stands transfixed, watching a surreal Audrey flirt and glow while talking to colleagues, giving him second thoughts about ending it with his 'sweet little love maker'.
>> lyrics   >> audio sample
"There Once Was A Man [I Love You More]" performed by Meredith Patterson and Tom Selleck
Missy and Ivan once again break out a show tune to say what their heart feels. This song is from The Pajama Game, written by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross.
>> lyrics    >> audio sample   >> forum music page

2x23 "Race Ipsa"
April 25, 2006

2x24 "Deep End of the Poole"
May 2, 2006

2x25 "Squid Pro Quo"
May 9, 2006

2x26 "Spring Fever"
May 16, 2006

2x27 "Los Angeles"
May 16, 2006


Season One

1x01: "Head Cases"
October 3, 2004
"Tomorrow" - Annie
Performed by Jadzia Pittman [Annie]

Alan's client, an African-American Little Orphan Annie, performs "Tomorrow" for the judge in the courtroom.

1x02: "Still Crazy After All These Years"
October 10, 2004

1x03: "Catch and Release"
October 17, 2004

1x04: "Change of Course"
October 24, 2004

1x05: "An Eye for an Eye"
October 31, 2004

1x06: "Truth Be Told"
November 7, 2004

1x07: "Questionable Characters"
November 21, 2004

1x08: "Loose Lips"
November 28, 2004
"Jingle Bell Rock"
Episode opening: In the conference room, Santa Shore and his elf are in full costume for the staff meeting.

1x09: "Greater Good"
December 12, 2004

1x10: "Hired Guns"
December 19, 2004

1x11: "Schmidt Happens"
January 9, 2005

1x12: "From Whence We Came"
January 16, 2005

1x13: "It Girls and Beyond"
January 23, 2005    >> see below

1x14: "Til We Meat Again"
February 13, 2005
"All The Small Things" - Blink 182
Soundtrack under the opening scene while Alan attempts to 'conquest' Tara in a bar.

1x15: "Tortured Souls"
February 20, 2005

1x16: "Let Sales Ring"
March 13, 2005

1x17: "Death Be Not Proud"
March 20, 2005
"Save a Horse [Ride a Cowboy]" - Big and Rich
Alan attempts to ride a mechanical bull in Texas.




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