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Boston Legal Resources, Links and Sites

Cast [Perhaps one squeeze / Truly, Madly, Deeply 2x7]

[ cast ]

Portfolio of work from IMDb and TCMdb
James Spader / Alan Shore  IMDb   TCMdb
William Shatner / Denny Crane  IMDb  TCMdb
Candice Bergen / Shirley Schmidt IMDb  TCMdb
John Larroquette / Carl Sack IMDb  TCMdb
Christian Clemenson / Jerry Espensen  IMDb  TCMdb
Gary Anthony Williams / Clarence/Clarice Bell IMDb  TCMdb
Tara Summers / Katie Lloyd  IMDb  TCMdb
Saffron Burrows / Lorraine Weller IMDb  TCMdb
Taraji P. Henson / Whitney Rome IMDb  TCBdb
Rene Auberjonois / Paul Lewiston IMDb TCMdb
Mark Valley / Brad Chase  IMDb   TCMdb
Julie Bowen / Denise Bauer  IMDb   TCMdb
Craig Bierko / Jeffrey Coho  IMDb   TCMdb
Constance Zimmer / Claire Simms IMDb TCMdb
Justin Mentell / Garrett Wells  IMDb   TCMdb
Ryan Michelle Bathe / Sara Holt  IMDb TCMdb
Rhona Mitra / Tara Wilson  IMDb   TCMdb
Monica Potter / Lori Colson  IMDb   TCMdb
Lake Bell / Sally Heep  IMDb   TCMdb
Bill D'Elia / Executive Producer  IMDb   TCMdb
David E. Kelley / Exec. Producer  IMDb   TCMdb
Boston Legal / IMDB
* TCMdb = Turner Movie Classics database

Actor Sites [Alan Shore / Trick or Treat]

[ actor sites ] - Unofficial but fun - Official - and Shat posts

ShatnerVision - Shatner's official vlog, produced by the incomparable Paul - Unofficial; blog-like news - Unofficial: slideshows, forum, articles, trivia

John Larroquette Fan page - News & images - Unofficial; Beautiful site

Mark Valley Fan Community - Video clips, images and discussion - Unofficial and just a start - Unofficial; news, video downloads, images - Official site for René Auberjonois; current projects & career - Official; great articles and lots of images - Official, with great behind-the-scenes photos - Official; news, gallery - beautiful site

The Yahoo Murphy Brown Club

[ guest star sites ] [Lincoln Meyer in 3x2-3x9] - Official; videos, guestbook and links to our forum :^) - Official, beautiful site [Race Ipsa] [Live Big] [Shock and Oww!]
   Frappr Daniel Roebuck [make your mark]

Meredith Patterson [Live Big, Ivan the Incorrigible& Desperately Seeking Shirley]

[Ryan Michelle Bathe / Whiff and a Prayer][Garrett Wells / The Black Widow]
Coho and Chase
Lori Colson

Articles [David E. Kelley]

[ articles ]

Article: William Shatner - Montreal Gazette (11/23/04)

The Napsterization of TV: Hollywood sues TV show downloaders [article by Dana Greenlee]

TV Gal Tires of 'Boston Legal' - Zap2it


Boston Legal Sites [Katie Lloyd 4x4 Chicken and the Leg]

[ boston legal sites ] Boston Legal

ABC Media Net - Industry press site

IMDB - Boston Legal facts - Sue, our BL forum co-mod, has created a collaborative Boston Legal wiki covering cast, characters, cases, lawyers, episodes, writers and directors. You, too, can contribute facts, details and trivia.
>> learn and ask questions in our forum
>> read Dana's article about wiki's [pdf]

Wikipedia - Boston Legal

Fox Home Entertainment - season 1 DVD site

TV Guide Boston Legal page - includes videos

Boston Legal LiveVideo - video previews & interviews - TVj Dana hosts interactive blogging during Boston Legal
Boston Legal page  |  Dana's TVj page
Seattle Times article - Boston Legal - Boston Legal page

TelevisionWithoutPity - Boston Legal forum

FootnoteTV /
Deep, fascinating analysis of the issues and events that inspire television shows, including Boston Legal.  Site author Stephen Lee, journalist and attorney

Titles & Air Dates Guide - Boston Legal

Live Journal BL_Fans - fan comments

Live Journal BL_Icons - small works of art

Boston Legal Show Discussion -

Boston Legal Fan Screen Captures

Crane, Poole & Schmidt -; a German site full of great images and content

Boston Justice - a nice French BL site by Orélye - Nuica's BL destination for Croation fans

Frappr Boston Legal
Frappr Spader - mark your spot in the world

The Yahoo Boston Legal Group

TV-Now -Spader page, but gives BL ep info

500 Boylston Street Summary

SpoilerFix - Scoop on new episode info

Worldwide Legal [Denny and Claire | New Kids on the Block]

[ worldwide legal ]

Where in the World is Boston Legal?

United States ABC [Tuesdays]
England Living TV [Mondays, Fridays]
Canada [Tuesdays]
Australia Seven Network [Mondays, 10:30pm] and W. Channel [Sundays, 8:30pm]
Germany VOX [Wednesdays, 10:05pm]
France TF1/forum [M-F 4:20pm] "Boston Justice"
Argentina CableVision [Tuesday, 10pm]
New Zealand, TV3 [Tuesday]
Belgium Flemish Kanaal Twee [Sundays, Tuesdays]
Israel  HOT3
India Star World [Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday]
Japan Foxlife
Sweden TV3 [Sundays, 11pm]
Norway TV3 [Thursdays]
Denmark TV3+
Finland MTV3 [video]
The Netherlands RTL4 [Sundays]
South Africa M-Net [Mondays 9pm]
South Korea
Singapore Ch. 5 [Sundays 11pm]
Brazil Fox [Wednesdays 10pm] "Justica sem Limite"
Italy FoxCrime satellite-pay TV channel
Croatia National TV
Philippines Star World [Wednesday 10pm]

Have we missed any? Tell us. Thank you to Eduardo from Argentina, Mariposa from Stockholm, Donna from New Zealand, Sarah from Melbourne, Zhalieli from Israel, Maddalena from Italy and Beatriz from Brazil for this information. All info is subject to change.

Site Stuff [2x1 The Black Widow]

[ site stuff ]

open since: July 2, 2004
hosted by:
feedback: bostonillegal [at] gmail . com
buck stops at: dana greenlee

Birthdays [Shirley Schmidt /  Schmidt Happens]

[ birthdays ]

January 17, 1922    Betty White
February 7, 1960    James Spader
March 3, 1970    Julie Bowen
March 14, 1966 Gary Anthony Williams
March 17,1959 Christian Clemenson
March 22, 1931    William Shatner
March 24, 1979    Lake Bell
April 4, 1956    David E. Kelley
May 9, 1946    Candice Bergen
June 1, 1940    Rene Auberjonois
June 24, 1946    Bill D'Elia
June 30, 1971    Monica Potter
July 27, 1980    Ryan Michelle Bathe
August 9, 1976    Rhona Mitra
August 18, 1964    Craig Bierko
August 26, 1974 Meredith Eaton
September 11, 1970 Taraji P. Henson
October 11, 1970  Constance Zimmer
October 21, 1972 Saffron Burrows
November 25, 1947 John Larroquette
December 16, 1982    Justin Mentell
December 19, 1980  Tara Summers
December 24, 1964    Mark Valley

[ six degrees of ]




Transcripts [Paul Lewiston / Helping Hands]

[ transcripts ]

Full transcripts for Boston Legal and The Practice, season 8

[all images/transcript/video, thanks to]

Shatner on Denis Leary's "A Very F#%$in' Christmas" [Dec. 24, 2005]

Shatner's two DaimlerChrysler Canada TV ads [Nov. 2005]

Shatner on The Tony Danza Show including video of Danza's 'cold open' skit with Shatner [Nov. 17, 2005]

Shatner on Live with Regis and Kelly [Oct. 24, 2005]

Shatner on The Late Show with Conan O'Brien [Nov. 19, 2004]

Shatner on The View [Nov. 18, 2004]

Shatner on The Wayne Brady Show [April 22, 2004]

Misc. [Witches / Flamingo Denny]

[ misc ]

William Shatner Fan Club Weekend 2006
Member Sherry recapped last year's activities:
Manhattan Beach for breakfast, ocean views, toured the set of Boston Legal, met Bill and his wife Elizabeth and his daughter Liz for lunch and gossip, watched Bill practice for his Hollywood Charity Horse Show events at the horse arena, a Q & A session with Bill filmed for the reality part of "William Shatner in Concert" on TV Land March 29th, pictures & autographs, attended Miss Congeniality 2, attended the Hollywood Charity Horse Show dinner, auction and concert where Ben Folds and Bill performed, toured the Museum of TV & Radio, saw a special screening of an event where they honored Bill for a lifetime achievement award.

Information on how to join this decades-long annual members-only Weekend get together is at
Thank you, Sherry, for this information.

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