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Image Galleries for Boston Legal


Episode Photo Galleries

Season 05

>> Images

Season 03

3x3 "Desperately Seeking Shirley"
>> Images
>> Episode page

3x5 "Whose God Is It, Anyway?"
>> Images

3x8 "Lincoln"
>> Images

>> see images from 3x24 "Trial of the Century"

>> see mages from 3x23 "Duck and Cover"

>> see images from 3x22 "Guantanamo by the Bay"

>> see images from 3x20 "Guise 'n Dolls"
Images from "Son of the Defender"
>> see images from 3x18 "Son of the Defender"

Season 02

2x1 "Black Widow"
>> Images
>> Episode page

2x2 "Schadenfreude"
>> Images
>> Episode page

2x3 "Finding Nimmo"
>> Images
>> Episode page

2x4 "A Whiff and a Prayer"
>> Images
>> Episode page

2x5 "Men to Boys"
>> Images
>> Episode page

2x6 "Witches of Mass Destruction"
>> Images
>> Episode page

Season 03

01 "Can't We All Get A Lung? gallery  /  Episode page
02 "New Kids on the Block" gallery  /  Episode page
03 "Desperately Seeking Shirley" gallery  /  Episode page
04 "Fine Young Cannibal" gallery  /  Episode page
05 "Whose God Is It, Anyway?" gallery  /  Episode page
06 "The Verdict"  gallery  /  Episode page
07 "Trick or Treat"  gallery  /  Episode page
08 "Lincoln"  gallery  /  Episode page
09 "On the Ledge"
10 "The Nutcrackers"
11 "Angel of Death"

Season 02

07 "Truly, Madly, Deeply" gallery  /  Episode page
08 "Ass Fat Jungle" gallery  /  Episode page
09 "Gone" gallery  /  Episode page
10 "Legal Deficits" gallery / Episode page
11 "The Cancer Man Can" gallery / Episode page
12 "Helping Hands" gallery / Episode page
13 "Too Much Information" gallery / Episode page
14 "Breast In Show" gallery / Episode page
15 "Smile" gallery / Episode page
16 "Live Big" gallery / Episode page
17 "There's Fire" gallery / Episode page

Season 01

01 "Head Cases" gallery   /   Episode page
02 "Still Crazy After All These Years" gallery   /   Episode page
03 "Catch and Release" gallery   /   Episode page
04 "Change of Course" gallery   /   Episode page
05 "An Eye for an Eye" gallery   /   Episode page
06 "Truth Be Told"   /   Episode page
07 "Questionable Characters" gallery   /   Episode page
08 "Loose Lips" gallery   /   Episode page
09 "A Greater Good"   /   Episode page
10 "Hired Guns" gallery  /  Episode page
11 "Schmidt Happens" gallery   /   Episode page
12 "From Whence We Came" gallery   /   Episode page
13 "It Girls and Beyond" gallery   /   Episode page
14 "Til We Meat Again" gallery   /   Episode page
15 "Tortured Souls" gallery   /   Episode page
16 "Let Sales Ring" gallery   /   Episode page
17 "Death Be Not Proud"  gallery  /   Episode page

ABC's 2006-2007 Official Boston Legal Cast Photo
Photo: Blake Little /  2006 ABC Television, Inc. / David E. Kelley Productions
Official ABC Cast Picture. Photo: Blake Little / 2006 ABC Television, Inc. / David E. Kelley Productions; Photo taken Aug. 14, 2006  >> comments

ABC's early 2006 Official Boston Legal Cast Photo

ABC's New Official Cast Photo for Boston Legal
"Boston Legal" stars James Spader as Alan Shore, William Shatner as Denny Crane, Mark Valley as Brad Chase, Rene Auberjonois as Paul Lewiston, Candice Bergen as Shirley Schmidt, Julie Bowen as Denise Bauer. [2006 ABC, Inc./Robert Trachtenberg]

BL fan and Bostonian Bbbeluga traveled to LA with scotch and cigars to pay homage
BL fan and Bostonian Bbbeluga traveled to LA with scotch and cigars to pay homage: "The Hollywood Walk of Fame took on the look of 500 Boylston Street for a few minutes while we visited as I wanted to pay a bit of a tribute to the show."

A BL Geek Lives Big
BL fan and forum member  Hhogwild in LA displays Denny's advice
BL fan and forum member  Hhogwild in LA displays Denny's advice on her new Porsche-Boxster and says "I am now officially one of the BL geeks of the world!" If you have an image to share that shows your love of Boston Legal, send it to bostonillegal [at]
>> see or post your own Boston Legal-related images in our forum

The Boston Legal Billboard
Boston Legal Billboard [photo taken Sept. 13, 2005 on Sepulveda Blvd. in Los Angeles by Dana Greenlee]
Photo taken on Sepulveda Blvd., Los Angeles / Larger view

Boston Legal Toons

artist Trish has created a BL Toon animal parallel universe
BL forum member and artist Trish has created a BL Toon animal parallel universe. She kindly made the banner at the top of the page for us. To see more of her creations, visit her forum topic or her DeviantART Gallery. She's also developing a great BL comic - "Fuzzy Legal" - about the fifth season renewal. To see her work in progress, visit her scraps page.

>> more
BL forum member and artist Trish has created a BL Toon animal parallel universe. To see more of her creations, visit her forum topic or her DeviantART Gallery.

Ethics in the Courtroom
Albert Einstein's take on Crane, Poole & Schmidt
Albert Einstein's take on Crane, Poole & Schmidt: a very special Boston Legal.



Boston Legal Wallpaper [800x600 & 1152x768] Click image for large version, then right-click and select "set as background".

Event Photo Galleries

TCA Summer Press Tour & ABC TCA Party / July 26 - 27, 2005
The ABC TCA party was held at the Abby in West Hollywood [source: Getty Images/Mark Mainz]
>> read more

Latest Images

"Lincoln" Season 3, episode 08
Added Nov. 28, 2006

Only a few for now; more coming.

We're only just now building out the galleries. Will attempt to add a new gallery at least every week. Some episode galleries will launch with only a few images just to have it represented, but will be populated over time. Bookmark this page and keep checking back!

Icons contributor Imamess created icons for these three memorable scenes - AImamess captures and creates the best Alan moments for her animated icons. See more here. Comment to her in our forum for permission to use these, please. Caption: 1) Alan exiting from Paul's office.  See more icons or leave a comment for Imamess in our forum.

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