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Ass Fat Jungle Season 02 Episode 08

Boston Legal: "Witches of Mass Destruction" / Season 02, ep 06 starring James Spader, Mark Valley, Julie Bowen, William Shatner, Candice Bergen, Rene Auberjonois, Justin Mentell, Sara Michelle Bathe

Show Notes for Boston Illegal Radio
"Ass Fat Jungle" 2x08 November 15, 2005
Host Dana Greenlee; Co-host Kyle Abney

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1. Intro
A story of sleepovers, fat lips, hit-and-remember and having your best friends head examined.

With me now is Kyle Abney, Official reviewer for Boston Legal and Lost at old school version of TV.com (TVTome) Reviews on the episode pages at http://Boston-Legal.org

KYLE: Call anytime and record your comments about the most recent episode at 1-800-986-8290 [toll free in the U.S.] Please email us directly at bostonillegal@gmail.com

Rundown: deconstruct AFJ, Next weeks ep GONE, revisit our Parallel Univ/Trek in the courtroom with a conversation with Debb from Montreal, we’ll merge into some BL news of the week and then your calls and email.

Episode Conversation
KYLE: Let’s take this by storyline: 1) Denise defending Dr. Glouberman for performing some unorthodox cosmetic surgery 2) Alan’s night terrors – and his quest to find someone to sleep with him; 3) Shirley, Denny and Paul representing Jason Matheny, accused of running over an old man; and 4) Denny gets tested for Alzheimers– concluding with my review of AFJ - the Good, The Bad & The Ugly
Directed by .... Ron Underwood Written by .... Janet Leahy & Phoef Sutton Edited by .... Phil Neel

2. Ass Fat, Dr. Barry Glouberman
1-SB: Tori Pines, Kiersten Blau and Denise Bauer Tori and I have been friends since I won’t even tell you how long
Tori/Torrey Pines
The character name of one of the plaintiffs in the Glouberman case is Tori Pines. This is also the name of a tree [Torrey Pine] and a California State reserve near San Diego. I spent occasional weekends exploring the trails and views there. The fact that I accidentally wandered onto the nearby nude beach [you've been warned] shouldn't be construed as anything but..
Richard Riehle .... Dr. Barry Glouberman 70 tv shows, 116 movies, "Enterprise" playing "Dr. Jeremy Lucas, "Star Trek: Voyager" playing "Seamus Driscol", "The Practice" "Ally McBeal" "Chicago Hope" "L.A. Law""Married to the Kellys" playing "Uncle Dave", The Fluffer

3. Alan’s night terrors
2-SB: Alan Shore: Would you like to earn some extra money, Melissa?
Melissa: How stupid do you think I am? Alan Shore: So you’ll think about it?
3-SB: Alan Shore: By the way Melissa, as immune you are to any sexual advances on my part, I have had the occasional fantasy about the Michelin man.
E!Online talked to “Melissa” Excerpt: I talked to the lucky girl [Marisa Coughlan, who's playing Shore's new assistant, Melissa], who hinted that her icy attitude toward Alan isn't going to last long. "I become quite smitten with [Alan], because he's so bright, and he's come to my rescue. At this point, I'm not quite sure if it's going to go further, but it's definitely a possibility. I started with three [episodes], and then I did a few more, and now, I think it kind of depends. They're trying to figure out where they can go with my character, if I should go back as a love interest or [not].

The interesting trivia/ML connection from - at the end, on the balcony, Spader said the word "moonlighting' and "Someone to watch over me" was used which was also used in a famous ML ep (the Linda Ronstandt version)--and Phil Neel edited that BL (as well as help edit the ML one) ep and we know he had some input in that choice of music.

4. Alzheimer’s, Jason Matheny and a Shirley and Denny backstory
Lydia Tuffalo and her asst Togue
4-SB: Shirley, Paul, Denny: Preying on somebody with Alzheimer’s.
Ronald Matheny (dad) is Edward Edwards "Nowhere Man""Doogie Howser, M.D.""L.A. Law" More recently "Desperate Housewives" "Commander in Chief" (ep 2)
Stacy Edwards was D. A. Chelios married to Eddie but not eddie edwards: "L.A. Law" "Chicago Hope"
Denny: I say if a woman’s brain has turned to oatmeal let’s throw in a few raisins & have her for breakfast.
“Lydia Tuffalo” Alice Drummond 49 movies (House of D. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar) – tv "Dark Shadows"
Jim Lau was “Toque” - couple times on "The Practice" playing "Dr. Ming Hyang" in episode: "The Chosen" episode # 8.2) 5 October 2003

5. Denny gets tested for Alzheimer's
5-SB: Denny is on the stretcher of an MRI machine. Dr Marks: Your glutamate levels are about the same. So is the evidence of plaque.

6. The Balcony
6-SB: Denny Crane: It isn’t right. I tried that night terror routine on six different women.

7. In Closing: Abney’s The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

8. Previews
Kyle: Next ep: We’ll dissect 2x09: “GONE” Dec 6, 2005
Denny shoots a homeless man between the eyes with a paint ball gun. Instead of suing, he wants them to represent him in suing the government for letting his wife die after the hurricane in New Orleans. Denise is trying to buy her friend Helen a new bedroom set. While trying to get her to accept the gift willingly, Helen's son gets abducted. Brad and Denise consider extreme measures to get him back.
7-SB: Here’s a sound bite: GONE (:30)

9. Parallel Universe: Trek in the Courtroom
New page: Bl.org/startrek. New podcast/interview Trek in the courtroom. Similarities From Deb in Montreal >> read details

10. BL News
Dana: People Magazine
People Magazine's Sexiest TV Lawyer for 2005 is... Mark Valley. The Nov. 28 issue includes a full page photo and a brief Q&A.
Kyle: Acura commercials
Spader is the new voice of the Acura, Several 30 second commercials for the ACURA automobile have his voiceovers. If anyone sends us an audio or video recording of these spots, we'll post it.
Kyle: BL Down Under
From “scoop Sarah” in Melbourne from www.seven.com.au
Tuesday, 29 November, 2005 “Schmidt Happens”
Melbourne on Seven 9.30pm-10.30pm Boston Legal
DANA: show and podcast Schedule
Nov. 21: The Practice, season 8 begins on FX
- Nov. 22 & 29: preempted
- Dec. 6: 02x09: "Gone"
- Dec. 13: 02x10: "Legal Deficits"
Kyle: Ratings
Nov. 15, 2005 "AFJ" BL was third in its timeslot for this past episode, behind the beast known as Law & Order: SVU and the CMA Awards on CBS. It averaged 11 mil viewers and a 3.4 in 18-49. The lead in Commander-in-Chief is beginning to weaken... it has 12.5 mil viewers, down from around it's season-high of 17. BL was #5 for the night in households; adults 18-49: #8.
Dana BL.org
Transcript for AFJ; Adding images from TP 8x1

11. Feedback
PHONE: 8-SB Lenny
EMAIL: From Bob Archer Vice President Morgan Keegan and Co., Inc investment firm investment banking, securities brokerage, trust and asset management
Another superb episode of BL…at the end was a rendition of "Someone To Watch Over Me"…..any idea who's recording this was? My thought is that it is done by Etta James....give it a listen. She's fantastic!
Kris Banister - Possible Story Lines
- Alan and Shirley have to handle a case together and during a late night prep session things turn sexual. This is a one-time affair and Shirley will be able to use the possibility of another opportunity as a "carrot" to get Alan to possibly do things her way in future episodes.
- Paul actually has a case!! It currently appears that he just shows up to collect his big paychecks. We would actually see him in the court room working a case.

~ FIN ~


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